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Tie-in to this new event presented by the Wonderful Wellesley initiative and a collaboration between Church Square, Linden Square and Wellesley Square.

The “stroll” experience features eight professionally crafted ice sculptures in Church, Linden and Wellesley Squares and how you tie-in.

Event Dates: Friday and Saturday, Feb. 9 and 10.

Ways to Tie-In and Boost the Stroll Experience

Create a Special Promotion to Build on the Theme
For example, ice breaker deals, creative menu items, window displays, in-store activities, etc.

Showcase Your Winter Wonderland Decorations
Take photos of your shop’s festive window displays, outdoor decorations, inside the store and any other special touches you’ve added to create a winter wonderland vibe. Share these photos on Instagram to give your followers a sneak peek of what’s to come at the event. This helps create a festive atmosphere and encourages customers to stop by.

Highlight Winter Merchandise
If your shop sells winter clothing, accessories, or other seasonal items, feature them in your Instagram posts. Show off cozy scarves, warm hats, and stylish boots to inspire your followers to come shop for their winter essentials at your store.

Promote Valentine’s Day Products
In-store only sales during the weekend of the event

Share Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses
Take your followers behind the scenes as you prepare for the winter wonderland event. Share photos and videos of your team setting up decorations, testing out holiday treats, or getting ready for the big event!

Tease Special Promotions
Encourage your followers to come to the event by teasing special promotions or discounts that will be available. Share photos of the items that will be on sale. Creating eye-catching graphics that highlight the discounts and include the promo code in the caption. Use Instagram Stories to create urgency by reminding followers that the sale is only for a limited time.

Followers Engagement
Encourage followers to engage with your content by asking them to share their favorite winter memories or traditions in the comments. Create a winter-themed Instagram contest, where followers can share their own photos for a chance to win a prize.

Collaborate with other Local Businesses to Cross Promote Products
One effective strategy for cross promotion is to offer special deals or discounts to customers who visit multiple businesses. This encourages customers to visit both businesses and increases sales for both parties.

What are You Wearing for the Winter Wonderland?
Create Ice Stroll Lookbook: one effective way to promote items in stores is by designing a look book for the event. This will inspire people to wear the clothing and accessories being featured.

Presente an Exclusive In-Store Only Product
Unboxing an item can generate anticipation and encourage viewers to watch for a longer period.

Provide In-Store Coupons During Event Weekend
Attract more customers to stores by offering in-store coupons to those who visit during event weekend or those who arrive before the event.

Introduce In-Store Exclusive
Unboxing products to build anticipation and viewing longer times.

Broadcast Online
Going live the day before and during the event. Interview questions for shop owners and customers in vertical 16:9 format:

What are you wearing for the ice stroll?
Favorite product of the season?
What’s your favorite winter memory?
What’s your favorite part about Wellesley?

Be a Part of the Wellesley Wonderland Scavenger Hunt

  • On February 9 and 10, Scavenger Hunt players will use their phones to scan a QR code on a flier (provided) in your location
  • To be a location, sign up using the form on this page and provide three (3) gift cards worth $25.00 or more OR at least three (3) gift bags, each worth a minimum of $25.00
  • Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, January 22

Sign-Up for the Scavenger Hunt or Tell Us How You’ll Participate

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